Hello family,


My name is Veronica Leno. I am the founder and CEO of Real Weight Loss and the creator of this fitness program "BRUCEBox,"  named after my father who passed  August 12, 2017. 

I honor my father's legacy by remembering how he pushed me, hard. That is what BRUCE will do. Let's go 120% together. BRUCE can be experienced by joining our exclusive fitness programs or online platforms as well as through our book and gear.


I have a huge heart for communities that seem forgotten. One day I noticed there were no fitness programs created for people like me, African American women, and our I set out to fix that.


BRUCE is specifically designed for us and our families. It has been created using my trade secret, #REALWEIGHTLOSS.


Far too many of us are dying from preventable diseases. It is time to reduce mortality rates within the African American community from preventable diseases nationally then globally.


This program was created by me, an African American woman to save our families. This is in honor of my father who touched my heart before he passed, now I can touch yours. 


Join me



 BRUCE - GO 120%


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