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BRUCE is a faith-based, cost-effective, innovative and culturally appropriate physical education platform that provides programming designed to reduce mortality within the African American community and beyond. Our app offers various diverse online fitness programs, community small group programming for inner city/ community development, and high-end training services for one on one needs. BRUCE offer free BRUCE LIVE events, certifications, and franchise opportunities. Our goal is to impact and serve the masses. We will inspire, uplift and encourage you.


5-6 day a week fitness programming complete with your own personal trainer ...


Exclusive one on one trainer to client training conducted in -home .


High intensity, life changing, boxing focused small group training program 


Electrifying, fun, engaging & educational community workout concert, 5k  & conference



9.95 Per Month After

Start Feb 4th





   "I started BRUCE online, followed my workout and meal plan and was taken off of my diabetes medicine."



Odesa, Texas



Have you ever wanted to just get in shape without having to worry about what workouts to do? Do you want an online program that will get you to your goals one workout at a time... something that offers you a lifestyle change over a quick fix? BRUCE online is that source. It provides 1 year worth of workout programming for you. No more having to pay for a personal trainer to create a program for you that cost a fortune. We created our online training platform to give everyone access to programming created by degreed personal trainers. With BRUCE online we give a solution to the need for professional personal training services that are accessible anywhere and cost-effective. You select the program you want. Our approach to your programming is holistic with a social media group for encouragement and our workout devotional "BRUCE- The 21 Day Guide To Real Weight Loss," to cover the spiritual, mental and emotional journey that takes place when you are either losing weight, gaining mass, maintaining, or wanting to sculpt your body and get in shape.

Welcome to your 5-6 day a week online personal training program complete with an assigned trainer, exercise scientist to track your progress, motivational coach, daily workouts and workout reminders, nutritional plan, tracking log, calendar, photo tracking, and measurements log.




BRUCE one on one personal training is exclusivity and personal care at its finest. When you sign up for BRUCE exclusive training you receive your own personal trainer degreed in exercise science who is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and professional.  Your trainer will meet with you 2-3 times per week based on your goals. Your exclusive training services come with our online platform access, an online program created for you, a daily tracking schedule, a monthly nutritional plan, a social media group, an online calendar, daily workout reminders, rest days and a tracking log. Each session is conducted in home or at BRUCE partnered gyms. Click Start now to find your trainer and schedule a FREE 15 minute over the phone consultation. Like every BRUCE program, we aim to provide a solution in exclusive training that is cost effective. The one on one training is the most economically priced personal training offer on the market.



BRUCE small group is the most amazing community workout experience on the planet! It is electrifying, challenging, exciting and invigorating. It will push you, prod you, grow you and make you stronger both inside and outside. Your BRUCE coach prays before every workout and speaks nothing but encouraging words during your entire workout experience. This is for those who love the feel of community and pushing with like-minded people.

We mix our beats, our tempo, our rhythm and our moves with new school, old school, beats that bang and gospel goodies to get you BRUCE small group. Each workout is a high tempo1 hour long boxing-centric experience. It comes with access to the online platform, nutritional program, daily tracking, calendar, social media group and an assigned exercise scientist, trainer, and coach. We cover your warm-up, cool down, workout, and core work all in a 1-hour calorie burning session. Push your body, encourage your soul and build your mind. This works great for community teams and workout bible study groups. The BRUCE- "21 Day Guide to Real Weight Loss workout devotional
" is available to aid in the spiritual aspects of your training.






Alana Lane

I have not been this weight since college. That is not the entire story though... Click the link to hear more from me

Nicole M.

 I can fit in shirts I have not worn in forever. Everywhere I go people notice the difference... that feels good. Read more of my story here


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    The Well Experience Church
    Veronica Speaks-- Welcome to a private conversation with Veronica Lechelle Leno, as she talks candidly about her personal struggles and victories in life over depression and anxiety. She inspires us all forward with her always transparent conversations. Topics include, Life, Love, Joy, Hope, & Peace




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